Saturday, May 17, 2008

Salsa Calena - Cali Style Salsa


Salsa Cali Style or Salsa Caleña (Salsa on1/Salsa on4)

SALSA CALEÑA is one of the oldest Salsa dance styles of the world. The first important influences came from Cuba in the 1920 ies. SALSA CALEÑA is defined through the speed of the dancers. They are very fast in Shines and foot work.

More definitions are:
- Sensuality of the ladies
- Elegant figures of the men
- Original and colorful dresses
- The most crazy and acrobatic figures
- The fusion between Afro Columbian Dance, Swing, Foxtrott, Rock'n'Roll, Mambo, Pachange, Boogaloo, and Descargas.

SALSA CALEÑA combines all these elements with the identity of the Columbians. That's the reason why Cali is called the World Capital of Salsa. The Cali dance style you shouldn't miss. It is great to watch.

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