Friday, April 11, 2008

Salsa Congress Stuttgart (Germany) 6th June - 8th June 2008 - Jazzy & Amy (Oslo/New York) - Preview

From: LatinTop10

Salsa Congress Stuttgart (6th June - 8th June 2008) artists:
Jazzy and Amy are amazing dancers. Jazzy is a very good teacher. His Scandinavian kind of teaching is a good feeling für everyone.

Jazzy is originally coming from Guatemala and has started his career when he five years old. He had a professional education at the Norwegian College of Dance and he is performing at all big international salsa congresses and festivals. He is one of the most loved dancers worldwide. Nowadays Jazzy is dancing together with Amy Tuarez from New York City. They developed an energized unique style of pure salsa and mambo.

In 2008, Salsa Congress Stuttgart is proudly presenting Jazzy and Amy. All participants can learn directly from Jazzy and Amy.
Jazzy will give a Shine Salsa HipHop workshop on Saturday. On Sunday Jazzy and Amy will give a Salsa LA Style Partnerwork Workshop.

We took part at the workshop with Jazzy. It was a ChaCha Shine. It was entertaining, learning, and fun. Jazzy is able to catch all levels of dancers and teach them at the same time.

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