Thursday, April 10, 2008

Salsa Congress Stuttgart (Germany) 6th June - 8th June 2008 - Melissa Fernandez & Luis Vasquez (L.A./Mexico) - Preview

From: LatinTop10

Salsa Congress Stuttgart (6th June - 8th June 2008) artists:
Melissa Fernandez and Luiz Vasquez are amazing dancers. They are full of expression and good teachers. Both of them are great entertainers and can inspire a whole concert hall or workshop.

"Melissa Fernandez began taking salsa classes February 1999. She was so inspired by the drive and energy of the Vazquez Brothers that she began studying intensely and landed a spot on the Salsa Brava dance team. Undoubtedly, Melissa’s style, sensuality, and fire on and off the dance floor has led her to become one of the best recognized dancers in the world. Her positive and vibrant energy are reflective both on and off the dance floor.

Luis Vazquez, a pioneer in LA Style Salsa began dancing in 1992. He co-created Salsa Brava Productions, the first dance company in Los Angeles and one of the most well known dance companies in the world.
Luis’s aura, personality and vibrant energy are contagious and felt through his performances. His style has and continues to inspire people to reach and exceed their boundaries." (SRC: Salsa Congress Stuttgart)

In 2008, Salsa Congress Stuttgart is proudly presenting Melissa Fernandez and Luis Vasquez. All participants can learn directly from Melissa and Luis. They will have Salsa L.A. Style on1 workshops on Saturday and Sunday.

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