Thursday, April 10, 2008

Salsa Congress Stuttgart (Germany) 6th June - 8th June 2008 - Anita & Adrian (Brasil/Uruguay) - Preview

From: LatinTop10

Salsa Congress Stuttgart (6th June - 8th June 2008) artists:
Adrian & Anita (Uruguay/Brasil) are the Official Salsa World Champions. On this video they are dancing at a salsa festival in Frankfurt 2008.

The former Johnny Vasquez dancer was already enthusing at the last Salsa Congress Stuttgart in 2007. He had great shows, workshops, and social dances on the dance floor.

In 2008, Salsa Congress Stuttgart is proudly presenting Adrian and Anita again. All participants can learn directly from Adrian and Anita. They will have Salsa L.A. Style on1 workshops on Saturday and Sunday.

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