Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Marc Anthony in Antwerp (Antwerpen) - June, 19th 2008

Marc Anthony will have his concert in Antwerp (Antwerpen). It is obviously no April fool. We got comments of two Users (Don Thomas and Anonymous). They send us information. We just translate it for you from the organizer's website:

Marc Anthony (src: Antwerp Sportpaleis), at the Sportpalais of Antwerp, June, 19th 2008
Latin & Salsa Superstar Marc Anthony, singer, actor and husband of Jennifer Lopez - is coming the 19th of June for an exclusive Benelux concert to Antwerp (Antwerpen). The Latin salsastar sold 10 million albums worldwide. His greatest hit is:" You Sang To Me" the soundtrack of "The Mask Of Zorro". Other hits are "I Need To Know", "When I Dream Of You", and "My Baby You". Especially for the fans of his wife Jennifer Lopez (JLo): She will come with him.

The original text is here (please correct me if I translated anything wrong):

Marc Anthony op 19 juni in Sportpaleis di 01/04/08 - 15:15
Latin & Salsa Superstar Marc Anthony – zanger, acteur én ‘esposo’ van Jennifer Lopez – komt op donderdag 19 juni voor een exclusief Beneluxconcert naar Antwerpen. De veelvuldig gelauwerde latin- en salsastar verkocht wereldwijd meer dan 10 miljoen albums. Zijn grootste hit is ongetwijfeld ‘You Sang To Me’, uit de soundtrack van ‘The Mask of Zorro’. Andere hits zijn ‘I Need To Know’, ‘When I Dream Of You’ en ‘My Baby You’. Speciaal voor de fans van J-Lo: naar verluidt vergezelt zij steeds haar man op tournee.

Btw. Still, they postet it on April, 1st ;-)

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