Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Marc Anthony - Antwerp Concert June, 2008

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez should have a concert in Antwerpen in Belgium. Some users read that today somewhere on the internet (the writer didn't quote a source...suspicious ;-)). It turned out there is no concert planned in June, 19th 2008 in Antwerp.
April Fool? Hey, they just had a baby... but some guys doublechecked it because they would like to have them here.
They found out: Nothing on the official website.

Then they asked Gert van Aerschot from the Tourism board of Antwerp and sent me this:

Thank you for your e-mail.

There will be no concert of J.Lopez and M.Anthony
On 19/06/2008 in Antwerp.
I advise you to keep on checking the internet, in case
they should give a concert somewhere in Europe, so you can join
this happening or concert.

With kind regards

Gert Van Aerschot | bezoekerscentrum
Stad Antwerpen | Toerisme Antwerpen


Anonymous said...

but you can buy tickets via teleticketservice.com (check it out)
So this is serious and not a joke or rumor


Don Thomas said...

Dear Latin Music Lovers,

I just read the article about Marc Anthony's concert in Antwerp in a Belgian newspaper... went to the ticket sales website, and ordered two tickets!
This obviously means that it's NOT an April fools day-thing ;-)
As far as I understood, it will be a Marc Anthony concert only - his lovely wife will probably travel along but will not be performing.

Place to be: www.sportpaleis.be
Tickets: www.teleticketservice.com

CU there!!