Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cubanoson y Papo Ortega Live - El Carretero

From: cubaprod

Cubanoson (wikipedia) is a traditional Cuban dance orchestra as created by pianist, Leonel “Papo” Ortega. This musically inspired pianist and composer has enjoyed the privilege of working alongside several exceptional musicians, among them, Roberto Rodriguez, Chico Alvarez,Junior Rivera, José Fajardo and Cándido Camero. Cubanoson unites the “Punto Cubano” and the “Son Montuno” bringing danceable Cuban music in an effort to unite the talent and dedication of excellent contemporary musicians,(true exponents of our roots), to offer and express our traditional Cuban music to all cultural venues. Cubanoson honors the great artists who have bestowed upon us the utmost musical education. To them and others who have passed on our music through generations, we will continue honoring them with New York’s/New Jersey's Cuban dance orchestra, Cubanoson!

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