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Susana Montero & Leon Rose & LAL Dancers

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Susana Montero (src: monterouk) is established as one of the premier teacher/dancer and choreographers in the UK. WHY? Simply because of her vast knowledge of Dance and Salsa, her sheer dancing skills, and her excellent teaching abilities, which has men, women and teachers coming back class after class. All this wrapped up in one of the most likeable personalities around.

This has all helped to make Susana one of the most sought after Salsa teacher/dancers in the UK.

Susana was born and raised in Madrid, Spain and started dancing at the age of five, where she found a passion for Ballet (and Flamenco, which also was part of her Ballet training.) She excelled in Ballet, winning competitions and creating a name for herself along the way. She taught ballet at school from the age of fourteen, whilst performing for the Silvia Yague Ballet Dance Company in Madrid.

Around the age of sixteen, Susana turned her hand to Contemporary, Jazz and Afro Cuban dance, and studied these until she was twenty-four. Along with her dance career, Susana has a Ph.D in Psychology (which took 6 years)

Susana first came to London in 1995, with the intention of only staying for a year. It was during Christmas 1997, whilst meeting up with a friend from her English class, that Susana was introduced to Salsa for the first time. Magnetized by the challenge and passion of a new dance, Susana took to Salsa, like a duck to water.

Six months later, Susana won a South London salsa competition, held at the Brixton Recreation Centre, London, and then in the same year, went on to win the first British Salsa Championship competition, with her then dance partner, Chandy.

In 1999, she debuted in the Princess Diana Memorial Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, in a group directed by one of the UK's leading choreographers, Richard Marcel. It was during this performance, that she met her current dance partner, Leon Rose.

In 2000, she won the second British Salsa Championship title, at the Bacardi Championships with Leon Rose, and that's when her career took off! The first prize was the chance to perform to one of the most prestigious audiences in the Salsa world, at the Puerto Rico Salsa congress, where Susana and Leon received one of the loudest and longest standing ovations of the entire week, after their debut performance.

Susana now spends most of her time (when she isn't practising) at her classes, holding workshops and teaching and/or performing all over the world.

She has also done numerous TV and radio appearances and interviews for major newspapers and magazines.

When you watch Susana teach, dance or perform, you do not see someone who just happened to be this good by chance. She is the product of being a dancer, who has danced and trained hard for over twenty years, (including ballet, which is one of the hardest forms of dance), many of these years as a professional. Added to this, is a wealth of knowledge in several other forms of dance, (none of them done in half measures) which gives her a great understanding of body mechanics, which is an essential requirement for all teachers and dancers.

Her past has also trained her to have great concentration and focus in any project she pursues, which is one of the reasons she is so meticulous when she teaches at her lessons/workshops or practises for one of her performances.

But the main reason for her ability to dance and teach so well, besides her abilities, is the fact that to dance and perform, is food for her spirit, it is her driving force, it is her vocation, but above all, it is her Passion!!


2006 - Lifetime Achievement 2006, presented at the UK international Congress 2006.
2005 - Award for the Best International Dance Act, presented at the UK International Salsa Congress 2005.
2004 - Award for the Best UK Dance Act, presented at the UK International Salsa Congress 2004.
2004 - Award nomination for her contribution to the world salsa scene (Los Angeles).
2004 - Honoured with a sought after award in Torino Salsa Congress (Italy).
2002 - Award for her contribution to Salsa presented by Seriously Salsa, received at the the 2002 British Salsa Congress
2000 - U.K. Bacardi Salsa Champion
1999 - Award for her contribution to Salsa presented by Salsa y Mambo
1999 - Voted Best Female Teacher by Salsa y Mambo
1998 - U.K. Salsa Champion
1998 - Winner of South London Salsa competition at Brixton Recreation Centre, London

Past Performances, TV and Radio Appearances

2006 - Move it: Choreographed piece for Olympia Dance Exhibition 2006
2005 - Interview for Psychology of Dance programme for Radio 4
2005 - Salsa tuition for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, programme for Channel 4 TV
2005 - Interview for
2005 - Interview for Frankfurt radio station
2005 - Interview for Stockholm Latin Radio
2004 - Performed along side Eddie Palmieri in London.
2003 - Performed along side Oscar De Leon in Los Angeles.
2001 - Appearance on Bombay TV (India)
2001 - Appearance on Sky TV
2000 - Cosmopolitan Show, Earls Court Exhbition Centre, London
2000 - Interview on "Esther" programme on Channel 4, hosted by Esther Rantzen
2000 - Interview for Miami TV (Miami)
2000 - Interview for C9 TV station (Spain)
1999 - Interview for GMTV "Good Morning" programme
1999 - Appearance on BBC2 Learning Zone
1999 - Performance at Princess Diana Memorial concert, Royal Albert Hall, London
1998 - Appearance on Channel 5 Club Culture programme

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