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ChiChi Peralta -De Vuelta Al Barrio - DVJ Martin Aston Fav

From: MartinAston007

ChiChi Peralta (born 9th of July) at Santo Domingo, is also known as ChiChi Peralta Y Son Familia. He is a Dominican Singer and started his first production in 1999. His most known songs are: Sol de Verano, La Ciguapa, Procura, Limon con Sal, Me Enamore, Amor narcotico, Y Devuelta de Barrio which won the Grammy Latino in 2001.

From: MartinAston007:
How did a young percussionist from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, create one of the most popular albums in Latin America? The answer to Chichi Peralta's musical journey began in his childhood. "My interest was sparked at the age of four," explains Peralta. "It was then when I built my first instrument, a drum called the tambura. At about the same time, my father began teaching me about music, about the direct connection between art and music, and about the variety of fusions within music."

Peralta also credits his father for exposing him to a wide variety of sounds, ranging from the masters of classical music as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra to Johnny Ventura's Dominican merengue, as well as Cuban boleros and mambos and Dominican bachata. " He was the one who taught me about music's penetrating spirituality," adds Peralta. "Although my father is no longer physically with me, we still maintain communication through music."

Peralta's first professional foray into music was with a small Dominican band called "Los Fragmentos." It led him to an opportunity to be a studio session musician, working as a percussionist and arranger on a variety of recordings. It was during this period when Peralta met one of the giants in Dominican music, Juán Luis Guerra, which launched an 8 year collaboration in Guerra's hit group, 4:40. "That was a wonderful, unforgettable time, where I learned many things, including the professionalism required to become a successful musician. It also led to a beautiful friendship between us, one that remains to this day." (

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