Friday, February 01, 2008

Salsa Kids: "Viva La Esperanza"

From: Ariotv

Salsa Kids (ariotv)

Two of the members of the explosive musical group Salsa Kids, the creators of the youthful salsa music, who they presented world-wide and they broke the musical barriers of the salsa music and a third member composes the new grouping Salsa Kids.

They were the inspiration of other young people to follow this salsa music generation. With its music they managed to captivate the hearts of the countries of the South America, America Center, the Caribbean, the United States, Europe and Asia. Also they were awarded with prizes like: TV and Novels, Prizes your music, Diplo Prizes, the Orquídea of Venezuela, the Key of the City of Miami, Two Discs Platinum and Three Golden records.
Salsa Kids is a musical group made up of three vibrant ones and exciting boys, they are:
Omar Rodríguez
Esteban Tollinchi
Jomy Colon

The group Salsa Kids brings freshness and maturity to the salsa music with its new record production produced by the company Black Pearl International Records. The new songs are produced by the arranger Cutto Soto, Ramon Sanchez in the salsa and the son with reggaeton fusion Jamsha in fusion with Vallenato and the ballad of Eduardo Reyes. The production counts with compositions of Charlie Donato, Eduardo Reyes, Gabriel González, Kani Garcia, Alexander Montalbán, Esteban Tollinchi, Pedro Ásale, among others. Produced in Puerto Rico with great musicians of salsa genre and distributed to the world with the name of Baila Conmigo.

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