Wednesday, February 20, 2008



Denise asked me about a very good merengue song with the word "chocolate". She didn't know the real title and the band. I actually really like Proyecto Uno. They are bringing more sense to Merengue and making up new trends like with the line dance Son Latinos.

Proyecto Uno (wikipedia) {Project One} is a Dominican and Puerto Rican Merengue hip hop group from New York, composed by Nelson Zapata, Johnny Salgado, and Jose Medina. The Original members were Nelson Zapata & Ricky Echavarria, later Magic Juan, Johnny Salgado and Erik Morales joined the group. Ealry producers where Nelson Zapata and Pavel De Jesus. Proyecto Uno became the pioneers of Merenhouse or Merenrap a mix of merengue and hip hop. Proyecto Uno's management team consist of Donnie Linto & Rafael Zapata II.

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