Monday, February 11, 2008

Alain Moralez and Geldys Moralez - Charanga

From: almoralez

Charanga (wikipedia) is a genre of Cuban dance music popular (not the musical instrument "charango") in the 1940s and consisting of heavily son influenced material performed on European instruments such as violin and flute by a Charanga orchestra.

The first charanga orchestra was formed at the turn of the twentieth century by Antonio María Romeu. These orchestras play lighter and faster versions of the danzón without a brass section and emphasizing flutes, violins, and piano. The movement climaxed in the 1930s with flautist Antonio Arcaño and his Las Maravillas orchestra of Havana.
The Charanga a la francesa, developed from the Orquesta típica to play danzón, consists of an enlarged rhythm section, piano, bass, timbales, and other percussion, two violins, and a flute.

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