Friday, February 01, 2008


CPM: €12,00 | 200x30 Pixel Slim Button
CPM: €24,00 | 200x60 Pixel Button
CPM: €40,00 | 200x100 Pixel Big Button
CPM: €80,00 | 200x200 Pixel Squared Button
CPM: €50,00 | 728x90 Pixel LeaderBoard

Minimum amount per booking: €200,00
High discounts (20-50%) possible.
Please, just ask.
All bookings include an entry in the database. All prices are without tax.

Media Contact:
Christopher Schroeder
Phone: +49 (0) 163-1868878

Banner examples:

200x30 Pixel Slim Button:

200x60 Pixel Button:

200x100 Pixel Big Button:

200x200 Pixel Squared Button:

728x90 Pixel LeaderBoard:
(The example you can see centered at the buttom of the page.)

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