Friday, January 25, 2008

Video Upload... It's easy... Upload and publish your video for free in 2 steps!!!

- Click here...
- Register for free on that site (you don't get any emails from us).
- Choose your language (all languages available).

Upload your Videos. (max. 500 MB/video)
- For having the best quality: Don't convert, compress, or pack the videos.
- Just send the video like it comes out of your digicam, camcorder, mobile, or whatever you have.
- Please, mention the name of the camera you used for taping the video.
- Please, mention a title for the video and in when in which city you taped it.
- Please, mention your name. We refer to your name.
- Send the Link you get to this email address: info @ .

Your work is finished.

We take your video and publish it on .
... and... don't care... we like your video as long it is not forbidden by law or you wouldn't show your children.

Send us Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, social or professional, etc. Just all kind of themes or videos you can find on this page. We know that you like taping everywhere, at the workshops, at your dancing class, at concerts, at home,...
;-) Come back the next day and find your video at your city label at the right side.
Click here to start uploading...

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