Friday, January 18, 2008

Anne &Anichi Show-Trailer

From: anneanichi

Anne & Anichi (Source: Anne & Anichi)
After years of performing in the ‘Sabroson’ dance group, Anne and Anichi decided to go their own way and perform as a couple.

Their style of dancing has been influenced from salsa styles all across the world. They have spent several months in Cuba taking classes with the 'Conjunto Folclorico Nacional de Cuba' and learning the afro-cuban dances like rumba and palo. In 2006, Anne and Anichi lived in Milan (Italy) for seven months where they performed and taught salsa. They have also been many times in New York studying with Eddie Torres, Frankie Martinez and Franklin Diaz and performing at many events such as the new York Congress Salsa Cruise, Piel Canela Social, Pre Congress Party at Club Cache, Dance Sport, Link.
In April this year, Anne and Anichi won the Salsa Opens in Karlsruhe (Germany) and they also taught and performed at the Euro Dance Festival in Germany.

Anne and Anichi choreograph all of their performances, creating their very own and expressive style which always catches and surprises the audience.

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