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Anita & Adrian Salsa Worldchampions 2007 @ Frankfurt goes Salsa 2008, Performance1

From: LatinTop10

Adrian & Anita (World Champions of 2007)(Source: Salsafestival Amsterdam)
Adrian & Anita have been dancing together since 2005 and have been without a doubt on of the most succesful couples.

Anita was born in Brazil where she has been dancing ballet since she was 12 years old. When she was fifteen she went to the Conservatorium in Rio de Janeiro. After being in a car accident in which she broke her arm she wasn’t able to dance and decided to go to Spain. After recovering form her injury Anita danced in the world famous Ballet of Zaragoza and the Russian Kirov Ballet. Anita was dancing salsa as a hobby until she met Adrian.

Adrian was born in Uruguay and is now living in Spain. Even as a young boy he was in contact with music, because his parents registered him at a local school for music. When he was fourteen Adrian started doing Capoeira and learned about movement and coordination of the body. When he turned sixteen he got interested in salsa dancing. when he was sixteen he learned about salsa in a club in Montevideo. After taking classes at different congresses of world famous dancers as Johnny Vazquez, Jason Molina, Tropical Gem, Jesus Aponthe and Eddy Torres, he started teaching and organizing events. With his former dance partner Sabrina Kacheroff he won the ‘Spanish Salsa Open’ in 2004, which gave him the title National Salsa Champion. After dancing and travelling through Spain and Europe with Johnny Vazquez y su ‘Impero Azteca’ for a year he started, he started dancing with Anita.

Together they have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. In 2005 they were the first champions of the ‘Salsa Championships of Guttenborg’ and in 2006 they even won the ‘Spanish Salsa Open’ together. In the same year they were the runners up during the ‘World Salsa Championships’ in Puerto Rico. And this year the have managed to become the World Champions during the ‘ World Salsa Championships’ in Puerto Rico.

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