Thursday, January 03, 2008

Addys Mercedes - Mundo Nuevo Remix

From: addysfan

Addys D'Mercedes (* Moa, Cuba) is a Cuban Salsa singer who is living in Spain and Germany.

2001 she published her first album Mundo Nuevo. She taped it in Cuba. Guest singer was Raul Planas.
2003 she published her second Album Nomad. She taped it in Germany and Barcelone. It shows her Cuban roots with elements of rock, RnB, House, Flamenco and Hip Hop. She had a European tour with her band and sang together with Eric Clapton, Bob Geldof, Mike Rutherford, Gary Brooker und Tito Nieves.
Singles and Videoclips are published for the songs Mundo Nuevo, Gitana Loca und Esa Voz.

Her albums are produced by Cae Davis. Her label is Media Luna. She has published a lot of remixes of DJs like Andry Nalin (Afro D'Mercedes), Ramon Zenker (Cha Ka Cha), Tony Brown (Mundo Nuevo), Guido Craveiro (Cry It Out), and 4tune Twins (Oye Colombia).

1993 Addys left Cuba. Since that time she has been living in Germany and at the Canary Island Tenerife (Spain).


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