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Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca

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Ricardo Lemvo (wikipedia) is a Los Angeles-based salsa, rumba and soukous singer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaïre).

A long-time fan of Cuban music and traditional salsa as embodied by Johnny Pacheco, Lemvo moved to the USA at age 15 to pursue his studies[1]. He started out professionally as a singer of Mexican rancheras and later (with his group Makina Loca) as a rumba and salsa artist. His mixture of languages (Spanish, Lingala, Kikongo, French, Portuguese and English) and his keen sense of rhythm made him a favorite of Hispanic audiences on weekend TV shows and with dancers all over the greater Los Angeles area. Makina Loca prominently features Cuban-Canadian flutist, keyboardist, sometimes vocalist and musical director Jesús Alejandro Pérez ("Niňo Jesús").

Lemvo has made several albums with Makina Loca and has also recorded with super-group Africando. One of his songs, the Portuguese language ballad São Salvador (from the album of the same name), refers to a propserous fifteenth-century kingdom that existed in what is now Congo and Angola, from which part of his family descends. Lemvo regularly performs songs by Sam Mangwana, another artist that harks back to that tradition.

Lemvo is very animated on stage and enjoys dancing. He is also known as a very friendly performer who regularly signs autographs for his fans after the show. As of July of 2007, Lemvo and Makina Loca is a ten-piece act touring the USA and Canada.

Mambo Yo Yo and São Salvador were released by Putumayo World Music.

1996 - Tata Masamba
1998 - Mambo Yo Yo
2000 - São Salvador
2003 - Ay Valeria!
2007 - Isabela

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