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Monchy (Wikipedia)(real name: Ramón Rijo) and Alexandra (real name: Alexandra Cabrera de la Cruz) are two Dominican bachata artists. They have been singing together as a group for more than five years. They have had several major hits, including La Otra (2007), No Es Una Novela (2006), Perdidos, Hasta El Fin, Yo Sin Ti Y Tu Sin Mí, No Me Pidas (2004), Polos Opuestos (2003), Te Quiero Igual Como Ayer, Dos Locos, Cuando No Se Puede Olvidar (2002), Hoja en Blanco (1999), Pasión, and Llorando Penas (2001).

This history making duo is made up of Ramón E. Rijo, better known as Monchy, and Alexandra Cabrera. Rijo was born September 19, 1977. From an early age he studied piano, guitar and singing. He was destined to become a success in the music industry. He first performed in a group in the Dominican Republic; this earned him a place in the recording of the Bachatazos series of releases. This success set the wheels in motion for him to find a partner for the follow-up release to come.

The feminine side of this duo belongs to Alexandra Cabrera, born October 19, 1978 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She attended a university in 1998, but her studies were put on hold when the opportunity arose to audition for arranger/producer Martires De Leon and executive producer Victor Reyes, who were looking for someone to pair with Monchy. Alexandra won and began the duo that would become Monchy & Alexandra.

Today this duo has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide of the releases Hoja En blanco, Unplugged, Confesiones, and the mix album. In their short career, Monchy & Alexandra have been recognized by some of the most prestigious organizations of the music business. They have been nominated for Billboard Latin Music Awards, Premios Cassandra, Premios Lo Nuestro and a Latin Grammy. This duo, in a short time, has made its impact on the Latin music world and continues to set the standard for bachata world-wide.

In 2003, the duo received its first major awards, "Tropical Album of the Year, Duo or Group" (for Confesiones) and "Tropical Airplay Song of the Year, Duo or Group" (for "Te Quiero Igual Que Ayer") from the Billboard Latin Music Awards. The pair also won the Tropical Album of the Year award for Éxitos y Más (Hits and More) and the Tropical Song of the Year prize for "No Es Una Novela" (It's Not a Novela at the 2007 Premios Lo Nuestro ceremony.[1]

In 2005, the duo performed with Salvadoran singer Álvaro Torres, He Venido A Pedirte Perdon, on an album contributing to Mexican singer, Juan Gabriel.

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