Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Salsa Top10 Dance Videos

Last refresh: 12/12/07
New from 0 to Top1: NY Salsa Choreography Class Men
New from 0 to Top12: Cuba Salsa - Anthony Santana & Dimitri Rizis - Mambo
New from 0 to Top17: Sonia e Luca
New from 0 to Top19: Moe Flex and Larisa - Cuban Salsa Performance
11 new recommendations. (Scroll down) Watch them!
- Eddie Torres Workshop
- Jason Arruba & Charlotte, Salsa Ritmo Latino Doncaster
- Salomon Ricio Salsa Class 11-15-07
- Melissa and I
- Guido vale la nostra prima gara - She's the one
- Cuban friend Oscar dancing Salsa with his girl
- Sandra & Benjamin in Schirn Cafe Frankfurt 2007
- Salsa Club Tipsy
- Cuban Salsa performance on TV
- Combo from Spot Turn Drop hand catch
- Touch n go flick advanced combo

We will see how they are developing.
Any new videos... please, write a comment and add your favourite.

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I think you have a great dance site. I like the videos you put in. =)