Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lambada | Top10 Music Charts

Refresh: 09/18/07
New Top1 is Rumba Lambada.
New Recommendation from Basti: Lambada Nova (You're good for me) - Yukata. It actually did not perform so good.
Any new songs... please, write a comment and add your favourite.
I really have a problem to find more.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I do really like this blog. As a note: for us minority without a high-speed connection, it is so nice to not have music loading while the main page HTML is loading too. There are some pages with flash and music that I cannot load at ALL! Thank you :-)

Keep up the great posts!
Speedcat Hollydale

CS said...

hmmm... could you please tell me which pages exactly you mean? Actually there is no music loading at the same time. The only problem we had in the past were some with YouTube which had some worldwide problems these days. I think noone could see videos from YouTube at all.
Just give me some info... perhaps I can help.