Monday, May 26, 2008

Magna Gopal at ADS party at DXO Singapore

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Magna Gopal (src. website Magna Gopal) is one of the top international performers and instructors in the salsa scene. Originally from Toronto, Canada she is now based in New York/New Jersey, USA and is internationally known for her grace, fluidity and precision on the dance floor.
Her creative interpretation of the music, ability to effortlessly follow any lead and spin with speed and accuracy has made her extremely popular in places such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Madrid, Italy, Bermuda, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Holland, Germany, France, UK, Poland, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, China, Korea, Japan, India, Israel, Belgium, Turkey, Canada, across the US and many others. Her smooth style is a pleasure to watch and experience; her limitless energy ensures her presence on the dance floor all night. Be sure to check out the Photo/Video gallery for photos and videos from her travels as well as Online Videos for a compilation of videos found on the internet.
She has taught many people her intricate footwork patterns, body movement, how to spin, feel comfortable and express themselves on the dance floor. Her creativity in styling and shines is enhanced by her sense of musicality and the ease with which she has incorporated other forms of dance. She is featured in Shaka Brown's Volume 4 turn patterns DVD and has released an informative and easy to follow guide on spinning technique, Spins By Magna. The DVD is designed for men and women, is taught On1 and On2 and details technique for spins to the right and to the left. Watch the trailer. She released her latest DVD on body movement, Body Movement By Magna , in August 2007. This DVD is an informative guide to proper technique, body isolation, muscle control, body awareness, and musicality. It is designed for both men and women and is taught On1 and On2.
Magna has been dancing, traveling, performing, and teaching since December 1999. (Check out Event Reviews & Official Calendar to see her past and upcoming travels.) She has performed with great dancers such as Ismael Otero (NJ), Sekou Mc Miller(Chicago), Tze-Yi (Singapore), Darlin Garcia (Philadelphia), Shaka Brown (DC), Jareau Almeyda (, and Jayson Molina (Puerto Rico). When she is not on the road giving workshops, dancing and performing, she's in New York choreographing and teaching.

Magna teach style on the Israeli Congress

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Instrucional de salsa on2/NY Style/Mambo - Eddie Torres

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Social Salsa On2 In New York - Leye & Violeta

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hector Acosta - Sin Perdón - Video Oficial

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Hector Acosta - El Torito

Héctor Acosta (eventful), first introduced to the tropical music world as vocalist for the famous Toros Band, first found his voice in church. As a member of the choir at San Antonio de Paula Church, Acosta discovered amid the ritual and incense his love for song. In 1982, having sung for years only inside the walls of the church, Acosta learned of a singing competition sponsored by a local radio station. Sneaking off for the qualification rounds paid off, as he ultimately took first place. Once the doors were opened to public performance, the young talent flourished, and he participated in a number of local groups who played clubs and festivals in the surrounding area. In addition to singing, Héctor played a variety of instruments, acting as bass player for the pop...